goat school project


our purpose

To provide feasible opportunities of income for the families, while showing them our unconditional love in Christ.

our hope

Among other goals, we hope to teach families how to properly rear the goats they are given, build a network of goat product providers and, eventually, create a culture of goat products consumption in El Salvador.


participation process

The participants in this project are families that, besides having the need due to their socio-economic conditions, have shown interest in improving their family income through the responsible handling of goat modules and have participated with perseverance, responsibility, respect and a proactive attitude in other activities.

spiritual and unity aspect

During the weekly technical activity, a devotional is held with the group of farmers, in order to underlie the principles and values of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ as the basis of our work

To guarantee the sustainability of the project, the associativity among farmers in small formal groups is being promoted and encouraged. This will open doors to major markets. Having prepared and tagged products, as well as legal billing, will grant them access to other forms of commercialization.


The project will be implemented in a 10 month period, during which time families will complete their training process, build their goat farms, receive seed stock to start their rearing and join the goat business net. After this phase, families will stay connected to an association of Cabañas goat farmers (a project in process), so that once the reproductive cycle is completed they will contribute goats to the TCP to participate in the preparation of new family goat farms.The connection with the Goat School Farm will be kept active through the permanent innovation promoted by the School and through the pastoral care of the families through the different attention areas of the TCP.

description of education for sustainability


  1. Training and provision of roof and floorboard materials for 20 family goat farms.
  2. Provision of seed stock, in kind (goats), for the establishment of their farm.
  3. Technical accompaniment for the establishment and handling of the productive family unit
  4. Consolidation of the Association of Cabañas Goat Farmers
  5. Enhancement of the project’s sustainability actions.



  1. Families trained and ready to initiate family farms, 20 new family farm modules established.
  2. Broodstock (goats) handed to the families. Goat rearing modules (20) established and operating.
  3. The new modules established according to instructions and technical criteria.

  4. Legalized accounting books, associations established and operating. Management of farmers’ association product commercialization has been enhanced.

  5. a) The productive and business capacity of the goat farms has been extended.

    b) There’s a dynamic, healthy and self-sustained growth of the Goat School Farm.

    c) The goat farmers contribute seed stock to reinvest in new family modules.

goat school project(goal of $12,808.05)