Mentoring is an aspect of discipleship. Takin Back's focus is to build a program to foster Christ-centered relationships through sharing education, wisdom and life experience.

The purpose of a mentor is to help and encourage the mentee to achieve their potential and discover their strengths. We believe the power of relationship building is one of the main pillars in the process of breaking the cycle of the spiritual and physical struggle that so often traps children and youth. 

Through our mentorship program we desire to accomplish the following:

  • For each mentee to simply feel loved and, through that love, come to know Jesus.
  • Help our mentees tap into their potential and actually go after it.
  • Help our mentees set up three major goals they want to complete within the next year.
  • Teach our mentees basic life skills that can help them throughout life.
  • See mentorship develop into discipleship, which may open up the door for youth to dig deeper into the Bible and grow stronger in their walk with the Lord. 
  • Foster the mentorship program through enabling participants to impact and mentor others around them.