Our Vision

Is to aid those in distressed circumstances by breaking the cause of injustice around them through providing spiritual and physical resources such as programs, services and financial assistance that will equip current and future leaders to help strengthen their communities.

Takin Back was established in 2009 with the mission of working with children and youth in the country of El Salvador. Our first step was through our sponsorship program. With a focus on education, we were able to fund the schooling of 13 students, and had the honor of watching them all graduate in the fall of 2014. During our first team trip in the summer of 2013, we had the opportunity to share the gospel and provide 500 pairs of shoes in local communities we had developed relationships with over the years. During the past six years, we have seen God allow our small nonprofit be a part of amazing stories that display His faithfulness in the lives of the people of El Salvador. 

We are grateful God is allowing us to continue this adventure as we launch our Mentorship Program this year. While learning about the needs of El Salvadorans throughout the years, we believe that mentorship is one of the most effective ways to foster positive change and long-term transformation in communities. Our goal is to walk alongside the people of El Salvador as they become active members of society and further development in their communities. Our hope is that, through education, mentorship and the “Love Initiative,” we will train up strong Godly leadership that will change the atmosphere around them, and be a part of creating a better future for their country. Takin Back’s passion is simple, we want to show Christ's LOVE WITH ACTION.

"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth" -1 John 3:18


Mentoring is an aspect of discipleship. Takin Back's focus is to build a program to foster Christ-centered relationships through sharing education, wisdom and life experience. The purpose of a mentor is to help and encourage the mentee to achieve their potential and discover their strengths. We believe the power of relationship building is one of the main pillars in the process of breaking the cycle of the spiritual and physical struggle that so often traps children and youth.

Through our mentorship program we desire to accomplish the following:

  • For each mentee to simply feel loved and, through that love, come to know Jesus.
  • Help our mentees tap into their potential and actually go after it.
  • Help our mentees set up three major goals they want to complete within the next year.
  • Teach our mentees basic life skills that can help them throughout life.
  • See mentorship develop into discipleship, which may open up the door for youth to dig deeper into the Bible and grow stronger in their walk with the Lord. 
  • Foster the mentorship program through enabling participants to impact and mentor others around them.


We believe education is a fundamental part of life. We want to provide the children that come through our mentorship program the opportunity to attend school and chase after their dreams. Giving a child a chance to receive an education is a powerful and vital tool in helping them break the cycle of poverty. Our hope is that, by raising up a generation of children who are educated and discipled in Christ, they will empower others around them and provide a positive change. Studies have shown that sponsored children have a high rate of staying in school, attending a University and establishing stable employment. When sponsoring a child through our program, all donors will be assisting in the cost of the mentorship program, school fees and supplies. Our mentors will also accompany their mentee’s education development, encouraging them and helping them with school work. 

The LOve initiative

 “The Love Initiative” is among Takin Back’s major yearly projects. Our goal is to launch a campaign every May that will focus on gathering resources that can meet an immediate need of a community in El Salvador. Whether we raise funds to finance a thousand pairs of shoes or to purchase cows and chickens that can be used to feed families, “The Love Initiative” is dedicated to taking our love for the El Salvadoran people a step further. Not only are we able to assist with an immediate need, we also have the chance to build new relationships with churches and local communities. We believe that by fostering those partnerships, we are able to walk alongside communities as they grow and flourish. 

The culmination of “The Love Initiative” is a mission trip in the month of July. This is the opportunity for donors and partners to travel to El Salvador and meet the community that “The Love Initiative” focused on, and actually deliver the aid. People interested in going on this trip start preparing for it earlier in the year. As a part of the process, they also get to work with Takin Back’s team in all of the stages of “The Love Initiative.”