Takin Back is a faith-based organization that exists to equip individuals in vulnerable communities to relieve poverty through self-sustaining programs.



Takin Back’s vision is to share Jesus, work with local community leaders, build capacity through self-sustainability, and mentor the next generation.

Our approach

While learning about the needs of El Salvadorans throughout the years, we believe that mentorship and teaching self sustainability (which is accomplished through our “Love Initiative” Projects) is one of the most effective ways to foster positive change and long-term transformation in communities. All of this is possible through our strong commitment to working with local community leaders and our Takin Back team both in El Salvador and Stateside. All our programs and projects are created to be fully self sustaining. Our goal is to walk alongside the people of El Salvador as they become active members of society and further development in their communities. Our hope is that, through education, mentorship and the “Love Initiative,” we will train up strong Godly leadership that will change the atmosphere around them, and be a part of creating a better future for their country. Takin Back’s passion is simple, we want to show Christ's Love with Action.