Cow and chicken project 2017

our purpose

The gift of cows and chickens is to help offset/balance the cost of the UV water system's filters and the overall maintenance. Selling the animal products will bring in a healthy income that will help maintain the cost of the UV water system.

our hope

We want to have the freedom to give clean water out to all individuals in need in the community of Texistepeque. The selling of eggs and milk from the animals will bring our "hope" of sustainable clean water to fruition.


duration of completion

The Cow and Chicken Project will begin on September 1, 2017.  Our local director of agriculture will begin working with the community of Texistepeque on getting community leaders acclimated with the animals. We would like this project to be completed by November 1 to prepare for the UV water system.


We have our Takin Back team, helping Pastor Ademir get adjusted to the new increase in farm animals. Our Agriculture team is very knowledgeable and will walk along the side of Pastor Ademir and the community until there is a clear comfortability and understanding.

maintenance and management

This will be a collective effort from the Texistepeque Water Committee and community volunteers. 

The funding to maintain the health and wellness of the animals will be covered by a portion of the selling of eggs and milk.

Cow and chicken project(goal of $7,370.25 Complete)